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How to Appeal a Ban

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Unban Appeal

Before submitting a Ban Appeal, check the forums to see if there is a Player Report against you. If you did not have an account on the forums we could find, we will ban you in game so that you have to reply to the Player Report before you continue playing on our server.

Rules for posting an Unban Appeal

  • Do not contact Staff to look at your appeal, have patience.
  • Do not "bump" your appeal, or keep asking when you will be unbanned.
  • An Unban Appeal is not to avoid punishment, it is to request a second look at your ban if you think it was unfair. 
  • You have 24 hours to reply to your appeal after a Staff member has commented on it, or else it will be closed.
  • Blaming it on someone using your account will not be looked at. Your account, your responsibility.
  • Tell the truth, lying could get you in more trouble.
  • Please put effort in your appeal.

Teamspeak Ban

  • If posting for a Teamspeak Ban, please include the banning message you receive on Teamspeak when trying to connect.



Click here to submit a Ban Appeal


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