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How to Request Compensation

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List of Valid Compensation Request:

  • RDM/VDM and other Rule Breaks - A player Player Report must be submitted and accepted first before requesting compensation
  • Hackers/Client Desync 
  • Unannounced Server Restarts/Server crash
  • Arma Issues - Random deaths due to glitching, random explosions, etc.

List of Invalid Compensation Request:

  • Housing Storage Boxes
  • Requests of under $100k if you have more than 1 Million in your account
  • User Error - Accidently pressing wrong button, jumping out of vehicle, accidentally bought something, etc.
  • Client Issues - Arma Crash
  • Kicked or Banned for fair reasons
  • Game Mechanics - Car blowing up, car getting chopped and chop shop, losing items due to you not syncing your game or buying gear right before server restart.
  • We do not compensate for things you potentially could have gained, only for actual loss.

Time Frame

You only have 48 hours from incident to post a Compensation Request or it will be denied.


Please use videos, pictures sometimes don't give enough information for Staff to decide if it's a valid request.



Click here to submit a Compensation Request

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