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  • Thank you for visiting our server rules page. You have successfully completed the first step to becoming a respected member of our community. We are a serious role-playing community and our server rules are a crucial part of playing on our game-servers. They are what separates our server from all others, therefore we expect you to take the time to read through the rules and to obtain a working knowledge of them. Each rule applies to every member that is part of our community.

    Have common sense. If you are unsure whether or not something is allowed then you should ask a staff member for their opinion.

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  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png CHEATING, EXPLOITING AND HACKING

  • 1.1: Using any kind of cheat, script or hack is a permanently bannable offense.

    1.2: Using any kind of exploitation is a permanently bannable offense.

    Some examples of exploiting are:

    • Duplication of items and/or money.
    • Abusing any kind of bug in-game to your own advantage.
    • Circumventing or abusing existing rules to your own advantage.
    • Processing, selling or gathering through any wall or roof of any building.
    • Changing the default control layout to circumvent key restrictions.
    • Using vault or any other Arma 3 or server mechanic to walk through a wall, window or closed door. You can vault past vehicles if they are blocking an entrance.
    • Using specific camera angling to see through walls.
    • Soft logging, meaning disconnecting to lobby or from the server so you can then rejoin at a different position. The only exception to this is if you are stranded far away from a city with no means of getting back to said city.
    • Going AFK as a whitelisted faction in order to farm paychecks.
    • Using macros.

    These are simply examples and cannot cover every possible method of exploitation. There are many other ways that one can use game or server mechanics and glitches to one’s own advantage. Once caught the player will be banned.

    1.3: If you are banned on an account the ban applies to you as a person, which means that you can't use another account to evade the original ban. Anyone caught ban evading or helping others to evade bans will be subject to a permanent ban on all accounts used. If you suspect somebody is ban evading, come forward to a staff member.

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png GAMEPLAY

  • 2.1: Vehicular Death Match, more commonly referred to as VDM, is defined as using your vehicle to purposely run into other vehicles or players with malicious intent.
    2.1.1: Using an Ifrit, Hunter or Strider to try to immobilize another Ifrit, Hunter or Strider is permitted within role play.
    2.1.2: Brake checking is considered a type of VDM and this will not be allowed unless you are part of a situation described in 2.1.1.
    2.1.3: Rule 2.1 does not include stationary vehicles so you may still use them in roadblocks or use them in the middle of the road to set traps.
    2.1.4: If you are clearly being VDMed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the driver only. This does not count for general road accidents, or yourself accidentally being hit by a vehicle, you need to be sure that the VDM was definitely intentional as you killing them may be considered RDM otherwise.

    2.2: Random Death Match, more commonly referred to as RDM, is defined as shooting at another player without engaging in any form of hostile role play.
    2.2.1: If a group member of yours is RDMed, or a player attempts to RDM you, this counts as one-way initiation meaning you can return fire and this will initiate you with the shooter and the shooter’s gang.

    2.3: You should always have properly grounded motivations behind your actions. For example, you are not allowed to go on a murdering spree because you’re role-playing as a serial killer.

    2.4: You should value your life at all times. This means that if you are in a situation where someone initiates on you and the means to inflict lethal damage in a realistic scenario, you should surrender and comply with their demands. Valuing your life also extends itself to general role-play situations and you should always strive to live as you would do in an actual scenario.

    A couple examples where this rule would come into play would be:

    • You have a gun in your hands and someone puts a gun to the back of your head and tells you to put your hands up, in which case you should comply.
    • You have your gun holstered and someone tells you to put your hands up while they have a gun pointed directly at you, in which case you should comply.
    • You are stationary as a driver in a vehicle and someone points a gun at you from the driver's side and asks you to step out and put your hands up, in which case you should comply.
    • You are bleeding out and a random person suggests to end your life, in which case you should not encourage them to.

    2.5: You may not break role-play in any way. The only exception is to help a new player if they are unaware of certain controls, in which case you may type the controls to them in direct- or side chat.

    2.6: Combat logging is not allowed. Combat logging is defined as logging out when role-play is active. This includes situations in which you are being followed, are in combat or are logging out shortly after selling goods at a trader or chop shopping/scrapping a vehicle.

    2.7: Combat storing is not allowed. Combat storing is defined as storing money or a vehicle whilst you are in an active situation or it is clear someone is making an attempt to start one. A few examples to note are:

    • Storing your money or vehicle whilst being robbed.
    • Storing your money or vehicle if somebody has started roleplay with or is following you.
    • Driving a vehicle into water so that no one can retrieve it.

    2.8: Combat spawning is not allowed. Combat spawning is defined as spawning a vehicle within 2 km of a combat situation. Additionally players that log in whilst there is already an ongoing combat situation with their gang or faction may only spawn the following vehicles if they wish to take part in the combat situation:

    • SUV
    • Hatchback
    • Hatchback (Sport)
    • Offroad (Unarmed)
    • 4WD
    • Quadbike

    2.9: If you are logging in while your gang is in a combat situation, you are not allowed to spawn within 2 km of said situation. This includes situations in which your gang is clearly being followed.

    2.10: The side channel chat is used for out of role-play communication. This chat has no purpose for role-play and any role-play in this chat can be disregarded.

    2.11: When a player is bleeding out, you are not allowed to restrain or execute them, unless you were initiated with them before they were incapacitated.

    2.12: If you are incapacitated and somebody has either made an effort to speak with you or given you blood or epinephrine then you cannot execute yourself for at least five minutes. If you have been restrained but the person responsible has made no effort to even speak to you then you are welcome to execute yourself. Note that if you are roleplaying with somebody and forcing them to not execute themselves then you are also liable to roleplay with them once they have been revived and not just take their gear and leave. Epinephrine is not allowed to be used in blue zones as medics are not allowed to respond.

    2.13: Impersonating the Police is forbidden.

    2.14: Someone else breaking a rule does not entitle you to do the same. If you face a situation that you do not agree with you should stay in character and attempt to resolve the situation afterwards with the help of the dispute system and/or TeamSpeak.

    2.15: The only allowed way to destroy a vehicle is by either crushing, chop shopping or scrapping. You're not allowed to use any other methods.

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png BEHAVIOUR

  • 3.1: Trolling in any way is not allowed. You are allowed to have fun while role-playing but if your fun negatively affects others then you can be subjected to punishment.

    3.2: You must not abuse your in-game microphone to annoy others. Playing music or shouting can ruin others’ role play experiences and is not allowed.

    3.3: You are required to speak English fluently in order to be able to role-play with each other effectively.

    3.4: Acting in a toxic, discriminatory, racist, inappropriate, offensive or spiteful manner may result in a permanent ban. Phrases such as "comp or ban/report" also fall under this rule. If you face somebody breaking rules in-game, you are not to retaliate by breaking rules or acting in a rude manner to get them to stop.

    3.5: Player or gang names are not allowed to be offensive to others, nor can they be associated with any illegal groups or persons that can or will offend anybody. Examples of this are real-life terrorist organizations, religious groups and other controversial subjects. Use your common sense for this. All gangs and members who break this rule will be forced to change name(s) and may also face punishment.

    3.6: You may not sell or trade any in-game content for any form of payment outside of the game. Both buyer and seller will be banned. If you do want to sell in-game items you may do so for in-game payments.

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png INITIATIONS OF ROLE-PLAY

  • 4.1: The only way to initiate is by speaking through direct communication.
    4.1.1: You may initiate by typing in direct chat if you are initiating on a helicopter. You are allowed to initiate on other airborne helicopters from a helicopter in the same way. However, this does not apply to ground units.
    4.1.2: Players may find out the identity of the pilot in flight to send them a text message containing some form of initiation via the message system. If you are to initiate on a player flying a helicopter, you are not allowed to shoot the player’s gang members outside of said helicopter, but they are allowed to fire at you.
    4.1.3: You cannot initiate on BLUFOR through the use of the dispatch system.

    4.2: When a player is killed and then revived by a medic, said player must re-initiate role-play before firing at anybody.

    4.3: Using a helicopter to clearly block the path of another helicopter taking off is classed as one-way initiation. Players that are in the same gang as the pilot of the helicopter being blocked are allowed to open fire on the helicopter that is blocking the path and the gang members of the pilot blocking the path.

    4.4: You are allowed to shoot at ground vehicles (this includes grounded helicopters) to disable it without initiating role-play. However, after the vehicle is disabled the shooters must approach the vehicle to initiate role play with the passengers.
    Shooting at a vehicle allows the driver, the driver’s gang and the passengers of said vehicle to defend themselves. This does not include the passenger’s gang members. Using a spike-strip to disable somebody’s vehicle works the same way.

    4.5: Someone hitting you over the head (Shift G) is considered a one-way initiation, meaning you are allowed to kill the person who knocked you out.

    4.6: The police is allowed to kill the gunner of an armed vehicle without initiating role play.

    4.7: Each gang is individually responsible for initiating role play.

    4.8: Sling loading a vehicle is a one-way initiation, meaning the owner of the vehicle and his fellow gang members may shoot the player (attempting to) sling load the vehicle and said player’s gang.

    If the phrase “gang members” is used, this applies to fellow BLUFOR members as well in the case of being BLUFOR

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png NEW LIFE RULE

  • A new life means that if you died your character has lost all previous memories, events and information leading up to their death. You are not to act on any of this information.

    5.1: A new life starts when:

    • Your character has died in a legitimate way.

    5.2: A new life does not start when:

    • You get RDMed. You are shot without hostile roleplay by a player.
    • You get VDMed. Somebody has used a vehicle to kill you.
    • You disconnect and end your play session.

    5.3: When you respawn:

    • You cannot return to the same situation.
    • You cannot remember any previous role-play situations.
    • You cannot return to retrieve a vehicle.
    • You cannot remember enemies or random players.
    • You can remember friends and gang members.
    • You must stay at least 1.5 km away from the location of your previous death for at least 10 minutes.
  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png METAGAMING

  • 6.1: Metagaming, which is defined as an action where a player makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of, is not allowed.

    6.2: You are not allowed to reveal people’s intentions or locations in side chat.

    6.3: Even though a player can see another’s in game name, the character is to have no knowledge of this until he learns it through role-play. The ranks of police members are exempt from this.

    6.4: If you are restrained and your communications have been removed, you are not to use any other method of communication other than direct channel in-game.

    6.5: Stream sniping is a bannable offense. If you are acting on or using information gathered from a stream for your own benefit, it is considered metagaming.

    6.6: Sharing information with rebels while playing as BLUFOR is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to giving police positions or sharing police information such as tactics, weapons and vehicles used.

    6.7: Robbing someone's property based on information gained from outside of the game is considered metagaming.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png ZONES

    • 7.1: Green zones
      Green zones are not safe zones, however there are some specific rules in these zones to accommodate new players and push players towards role-playing. We have just one greenzone, which is Kavala. Green zones are the most strict areas when it comes to laws and police enforcement. For a list of the laws, please visit this link.

      The green zones have the following rules:

      • Green zones are no-fly zones. If you are flying in a green zone, the police are allowed to shoot you down unless you have been granted specific permission to land there, Pyrgos has its own no-fly zone as visible on the map.
      • Medics are allowed to fly in green zones, as some hospitals are within these limits.
      • You are not allowed to kidnap or rob police officers inside green zones or their immediate area, as the green zones are where the police mainly does their work.
      • You are not allowed to take or hold a player hostage while inside of the green zone or the immediate area. You are allowed to restrain somebody within the green zone and move them around to a position more beneficial to you. However, you are not allowed to take a person from within the green zone outside of the green zone.
      • You play as an individual in green zones. This means that if you initiate on somebody, your gang members are not allowed to act unless they do so as well. This rule does not apply to BLUFOR.
      • As a rebel, Armed Offroads, Armed 4WDs, Unarmed Qilins, Armed Qilins and Ifrits are not allowed within the green zones. The only exception to this rule is if a situation starts at least 1.5 km away from the green zone and leads to the green zone. This exception does not apply to the Armed Qilin or Armed Offroad.

      7.2: Blue zones
      Blue zones are also known as "mission zones.” Blue zones are marked on your map. These zones are there so that rebels can fire upon cops without warning and vice versa.

      The blue zone rules have the following rules:

      • Rebels are allowed to fire upon BLUFOR without warning in these zones and their immediate areas.
      • BLUFOR are allowed to fire upon anybody clearly involved in the situation within these zones.
      • Rebels are not allowed to fire upon other players than BLUFOR without warning and standard rules apply.
      • Shooting from outside at people inside of blue zones is not allowed unless role-play between the two factions is already initiated.
      • Drilling the vault(s) in the Royal Mint or a bank instantly initiates role-play between anybody clearly involved with the event and BLUFOR.
      • The area around the trucks that are intended to carry the money bags during transport is considered a moving blue zone.

      7.3: Police HQs are considered safe zones and initiation of any kind against BLUFOR is forbidden in these areas and their immediate surroundings. It is also not allowed to fight within these areas, unless the police have fled there during a situation.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png REBELS

    • 8.2: Only one bank can be triggered at once, rebels aren't allowed to rob multiple banks simultaneously. It is your own responsibility to ensure that there is no bank already active before starting the process of drilling.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png PROPERTIES

    • 9.1: You are not allowed to own property on a secondary account.

      9.2: The Police may not raid a property without reasonable cause. Reasonable cause includes:

      • If the property owner is wanted.
      • If the property owner is in possession of any items that are considered illegal.
      • Suspicious activity in and around the property.

      9.3: Any information gathered regarding properties when playing as Police may not be used outside of playing as said faction. This includes passing any information on to anyone who is not a member of the Police.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png TEAMSPEAK

    • 10.1: Any person with TeamSpeak tags that allow them to join channels they aren’t intended to join must have been granted explicit permission to join one of these channels by a person authorised to do so before joining.

      10.2: Music bots and voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels.

      10.3: Trolling or being an annoyance to anybody on Teamspeak is not tolerated.

      10.4: Toxicity, bullying and/or having offensive avatars of any kind is strictly against the rules and may result in a permanent ban.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png ADVERTISING

    • 11.1: You are never to advertise any other Life communities.

      11.2: Do not advertise any other Teamspeak servers within our community.

      11.3: Trying to sell a physical product of yours on our forums or in-game is also bannable. 

      11.4: Do not advertise your gang websites without getting explicit clearance from an admin before. If given clearance to do so, you are limited to just TeamSpeak and your gang recruitment thread.

    • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png STAFF

      • 12.1: Disrespecting staff members is not allowed.

        12.2: Decisions made by staff are final.

        12.3: Do not spam any of the staff members on the forums or TeamSpeak.

        12.4: Accusing a staff member of abuse without any evidence is disrespectful and can result in a ban. If you have any kind of evidence please contact a senior admin or above or post a staff report.

        For an overview of all the staff members. please visit this link.

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