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  1. +1 yes pls change to modded instead, it's so much more fun and easier.
  2. Roleplay Name: Frank Costello Steam UID: 76561198442235000 Age: 17 Timezone: CEST Why would you like to join the Malden Police Department?: I would like to join the MPD as I would like to gain the power and responsibilities to protect and servr the people of Malden. For to long corruption and violence has consumed the island and I will not let that stand any longer. I would like to become an officer in order to combat these vile forces that threaten to send Malden into a state of anarchy and unlawfulness. I want to help those true and lawful citizens to have enjoyable lives on Malden island and would hate to see it fall into a state of anarchy. I believe that becoming an officer is the only way that I am able to take a stand (Legally) against the violent forces residing on Malden. It also has a good base and structure with amazing staff and support. What can you bring to the department?: Well I can bring a lot to the Malden Police Department, first of all I can bring professionalism as this is something very important, second of all I can bring good conduct. It is very important to be on good conduct when you're a officer. I am also very experienced. What makes a good Officer?: Someone who is dedicated to his / her work, and takes their job very seriously. Anything else you'd like to add: No.
  3. Name: Frank Costello Age: 17 Experience: AnzusGaming, Arma-Life, RepublicGaming. Why do you want to join staff?: Well you see I have been longing to find a server that is new and not that old, this server seems perfect for me and I really like how things are running around here. I know rules pretty well I know how to handle any situations in any cases I can help to any one who would like to need an help and also I can create handbooks and help with anything that all needs basically to be honest, I know what to do on any situation

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