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  1. Roleplay Name: Fappo Lepracaun'o Steam UID: 76561198843404777 Age: 14 Timezone: gmt Why would you like to join the Malden Police Department?: i have never been an officer of the law before so i think it would be a fun thing to be apart of. I also could learn a few combat techniques from joining the police force so if i get accepted i would be looking forward to helping out and assisting other officers. to be honest i have nothing else to do with my time irl so im getting back into arma 3 and I am trying to find a server i want to put my time into so i want to play on here as its a RP server, so the best way i can think of putting my time into a server is to be a cop as it would be a different experience for me What can you bring to the department?: i am a trustworthy guy with a decent amount of experience in the game and all of its features. I believe that I am a good pilot and could help alot in major crimes. i am willing to learn more to become better so i could be a useful tool to the police department. What makes a good Officer?: teamwork, trust, communication. Anything else you'd like to add: i have nothing to add onto this
  2. what about the other application thatt got accepted it didnt meet requrements
  3. What is your name?: jenson magowan What is your age?: 14 What Is Your Primary Timezone?: gmt What is your SteamID?: 76561198843404777 Have you read and understood the rules and SOPs?: yes What prior experience do you have as a medic?: i have no experience Why do you want to join MRC?: i want to have the experience of a medic and I personally feel like I could be a valuabe asset to the medic team Why should we choose you over another applicant?: i believe you should choose me over other applicants because I am a fast learner and could do any hard to do task with ease.

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