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  1. Roleplay Name: Calvin Strong Steam UID: 76561198081398495 Age: 19 Timezone: MST Why would you like to join the Malden Police Department?: I want to join MPD for a change of pace. I've always been EMS on the servers I play on so now I want to get onto PD to see what it likes to uphold the law. I love interacting with the community and having a great time with my coworkers. This would be a new challenge for me and I have always loved challenging myself and pushing my limits. I see this as an opportunity to make the community a better place and have some fun. Just like in EMS I hope I can help people and keep people safe. What can you bring to the department?: I can bring leadership and followership skills. I have been a part of many teams IRL and in game. I can bring great communication skills, dedication, and passion. I have been HR and command in EMS so I can bring great paperwork skills and HR resources. I have written documents, sops, and all that jazz. I would consider myself a decent fragger as well especially with the new pc setup. What makes a good Officer?: Integrity, Respect, Dedication, and Community Anything else you'd like to add: Due to my job my activity will be sporadic.

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