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  1. Roleplay Name: Max Flash Steam UID: 76561198052179575 Age: 17 Timezone: GMT+1 Why would you like to join the Malden Police Department?: I would love to become a Malden Police Officer as I love to roleplay as a police officer in general, before this I applied for the Takistan server but unfortunately when I submitted my application, it was closed. Now I would like to try my luck on the Malden server and see if I can extend my experience on here. So I would love to join the Malden Police Department as I have a lot of experience as roleplaying as a police officer, I always enjoyed playing as a police officer and really enjoyed my time playing on Arma 3 life servers. I would love to extend my total experience on this server and help out the department with my experience. I love roleplaying in general which is something you can see while playing with me in-game, I always take RP seriously and whenever possible I try to solve the problem in a roleplay situation. What can you bring to the department?: I have in total of 2.310 hours in Arma 3 which 1.5 k is in Arma 3 life, Most of these hours are on lakeside (ALRP) where I've got a lot of experience in roleplaying as a cop. On Lakeside I used to be: Department Of Corrections: Cpl. (Started in this Department as Cadet, worked my way up to Corporal. After DOC I left to join the FTO department.) Field Training Officer: CSgt. ( Came from DOC as CPL and got de-ranked to Senior Officer, worked my way up to Chief Sergeant, when I left FTO I got de-ranked to Senior Officer in State troopers) State Troopers: Sgt. (Came in as a Senior Officer and worked my way back up to Sergeant, left this department to join the one and only S.W.A.T, started there as Trial-Swat (Senior Officer) S.W.A.T: Sgt. (Came in here as Trial-Swat, took me a lot of training and time in order to be accepted and get promoted to Corporal, after that it was just playing as a Corporal and finally got my promotion to Sgt. after this the server got sold and whole police force got wiped. All these ranks in all different departments took me a lot of effort to progress in so I will surely do that on this server to. My strengths in Arma 3 are: Shooting on Close-medium-long range. Flying is probably my best skill in Arma 3, I trained a lot of flying on Arma 3 and I enjoy flying, so if you see me it will probably be in a chopper :D. And last is my driving skills, I would say my driving skill is decent, I ain't the best but I ain't the worst too. With my total experience listed above, I think I would be one of the best officers you would accept into the Malden Police Department and I would surely help the department with whatever they need my help with. What makes a good Officer?: I think that my total experience in roleplaying and just my total experience in Arma 3 life makes me a good Officer,I love to help new people that join the department to teach them how everything is done and I love to learn new things from other people to. Like above where I listed my strengths is something I think will also make me a good officer. I am probably one of the few officers that accepts comments from other officers over what I did wrong and am willing to learn from those mistakes. I think I will be one of the best officers out there and will surely work my way up in order to help the department even more. Anything else you'd like to add: Thanks for reading my application

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