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  1. Command Samuel Black Frank Nigatoni Centurion Gallion Information Spetznas is a Spec Ops group or more commonly refered to the "Russian" Special Forces. We are here to destabilize Malden, more specifically the Malden Government to prepare the invasion of a Russian Paramilitary.Roster [Click Me]ArmA 3 Unit [Click Me]Gang Uniform: YesGang Base: No Gang Car: No Application Template Name: Age: Why you want to join: SteamID64: Hours on Arma [Not that it matters]: Do you understand that if you get the gang a strike or break a rule that could impact the gang you may be removed? yes/no Requirements:Why you want to join sections doesnt have to be too long just a sort paragraph of why you want to join Age 16+ [No exceptions] Mature Must be active 😄

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