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    Registered Gangs If you have a gang on our server and you would like extra perks for example teamspeak channels and a website group feel free to contact a member of management and we will be happy to supply you with them as long as you have a fully established gang with members and you are active on our server. You will be able to have a teamspeak channel so that you can communicate with your gang and be organised. You will also be able to have a group on the website where you can invite your gang members and it will display on your profile. Thanks, Management
  2. Website Release I'm happy to announce the release of our website as we have reached the point which makes it ready for release, however this isn't the end of the features coming to the website. I'm currently working on bringing new features for example you will be able to access your in-game stats and bank account from the website, if you need to send a friend or someone money when you can't get in-game you will be able to send it from the website. I'm also working on releasing a leaderboard system which will show your in-game stats so that you can compete with others players for #1 on the leaderboards. I'm also happy to say that the website is fully secure and has no potential risks of the database being leaked. I've made sure to encrypt and null all players information on the website for example, your IP ADDRESSES are nulled on the website with random numbers. All passwords and emails are encrypted in blowfish hash, which unable to be decrypted. So it is literally impossible for someone to get your password and ip addresses in case of a security breach which is very unlikely. We take security very serious here at Vulture Networks as Arma 3 Communities don't have the best track record. If you have any questions about the community or the website, feel free to direct message me! Thanks, George
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