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    Welcome to Vulture Network changelogs. All development changelogs will be posted here!
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    Accepted. You can join Teamspeak for an Interview. Please keep in mind we are very busy and might not be able to get around to it until the server is live.
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    A lot of rust and other games like csgo, gta, etc.
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    Server Release We are very excited to announce the official date of our Malden server release is this Friday 08/02/2019! What to expect upon release $500k Start 3 unwhitelisted MPD slots (Cadet rank - non-lethal) VON Audio Codec increased to 30 for amazing quality in-game voice chat Altis Life Framework Custom gang uniforms Our Development team will be working hard for constant updates to ensure all of our members have an amazing experience on our server! We hope to see you all there! Vulture Network Staff
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    how are we?
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    List of Valid Compensation Request: RDM/VDM and other Rule Breaks - A player Player Report must be submitted and accepted first before requesting compensation Hackers/Client Desync Unannounced Server Restarts/Server crash Arma Issues - Random deaths due to glitching, random explosions, etc. List of Invalid Compensation Request: Housing Storage Boxes Requests of under $100k if you have more than 1 Million in your account User Error - Accidently pressing wrong button, jumping out of vehicle, accidentally bought something, etc. Client Issues - Arma Crash Kicked or Banned for fair reasons Game Mechanics - Car blowing up, car getting chopped and chop shop, losing items due to you not syncing your game or buying gear right before server restart. We do not compensate for things you potentially could have gained, only for actual loss. Time Frame You only have 48 hours from incident to post a Compensation Request or it will be denied. Evidence Please use videos, pictures sometimes don't give enough information for Staff to decide if it's a valid request. Click here to submit a Compensation Request
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    DEVGRU? Isn't SEAL Team Six DEVGRU?

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